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Buy Flagship Trading Course by Backtest Wizard


Elevate your trading competencies with the Flagship Trading Course via Backtest Wizard. Master superior techniques and benefit an aggressive facet inside the economic markets. Invest in your trading success today and embark on an adventure toward profitability.


“Learn How To Program, Test and then Manage a Portfolio of Market-Beating Quantitative Stock Trading Strategies

Why the Flagship Trading Course Could be Your Best Ever Investment.

– Streamline your buying and selling plan.

– Learn a systematic technique for any sort of marketplace surroundings.

– Learn the way to manipulate a portfolio in only a few minutes per week.

– Learn the indicators which can be utilized by professional buyers to quantify the trend of any marketplace in a couple of time-frames.

– Discover the number 1 precept that will let you build a long-term portfolio as a way to constantly outperform the marketplace.

– Get get admission to to pre-written inventory screening formulas which may be used as templates to your own studies.

– Reduce the time which you spend analysing shares by way of loads of hours.

– Discover the way to intelligently trade ETFs, even in case you are new to them.

– Discover how to restrict your chance and guard your capital for the duration of a inventory market crash.

– Learn the three-step filtering process for identifying worthwhile trading possibilities.

– Premium participants additionally obtain programming assist if they want to create and take a look at their personal signs, market-timing filters, function-sizing techniques or wellknown techniques.

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