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ASFX – Advanced Divergence Training Course

A1 System Review

This IS NOT a beginner course. But it’s vital to ensure we are talking the same language before we dive deeper down the DIVERGENCE rabbit hollow. We spend time the reviewing latest by breaking down the concept procedure of each entry and exit.

Looking at winning and dropping trades will make certain we are the equal language going into the rest of the course.

After the A1 System Review, we can discover ways to identify & draw Divergence. Mastering the basics and gaining extra knowledge of what divergence on the chart is genuinely telling us.

Once we recognize what from it’s far away and where to locate it, we can practice drawing Divergence.

D1 Entry & Exit System

The D1 is an In-Trend, Pullback signal

In this phase, you will gain a clear knowledge of the way to identify and change better risk/reward opportunities.

You will learn the way to…

  • Identify a capability D1 entry
  • Measure danger/reward for capability trade setups
  • Interpret elements of possibility so that you can properly grade an ability alternate
  • Use a couple of time frames to verify or deny access
  • Use the D1 System checklist earlier to make you take a change
  • PLUS, hundreds of alternate walkthroughs

D2 Entry & Exit System

The D2 is a Counter-Trend, Reversal signal

This includes…

  • Details on a way to perceive and measure counter-fashion hazard/praise opportunities
  • Understanding the exact parameters of the possibilities of your trades
  • Clear-cut ego-out systems
  • The D2 System tickcoursecourse… even more, trade walkthroughs
  • FileSeventy-threenty three GB

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