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Buy Casey Neistat Filmmaking Storytelling

What You Get

Create 2 unique short films with Casey Neistat

Become a better filmmaker and storyteller in 30 days. During this one-month elegance, study from filmmaker and YouTube pioneer Casey Neistat. Follow alongside Casey’s innovative manner and finish the elegance with 2 shareable films of your own.

Part 1

Storytelling & Filmmaking Fundamentals

For Film #1, Casey stocks his start-to-finish filmmaking procedure. Using just his telephone, he creates an entire movie from scratch, sharing his full range of strategies along the way. Youll comply with together with Casey’s process step-by-step step-by-step and create an authentic, story-driven film of your personal.

Part 2

Cinematography & The Complete Toolkit

For Film #2, Casey dives deep into his full set of filmmaking equipment and strategies as he creates an extra bold film. In this film, he uses a much broader range of equipment, taking pictures methods, and narrative strategies to create a greater cinematic film. You’ll again comply with along and create a second, large film.

Casey’s class covers

  • Finding Ideas & Stories
  • Cinematography & Visual Storytelling
  • Editing, Pacing & Rhythm
  • Setting the Tone with Music
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Gear
  • Vlogging & Spontaneous Filmmaking
  • Titles, Text Graphics & Overlays
  • Introducing Characters & Settings
  • Keeping Your Audience Engaged
  • Reviewing & Polishing Your Work
  • Sound Design, Effects & Editing
  • Filmmaking Tricks & Casey-isms
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Develop Your Voice as a Filmmaker
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