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Buy Joe Muscatello 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets

What You Get

Lesson 1

Customer Avatar

Lesson 1 kicks off with the current country of video advertising and how it has developed over the years. We’ll cover distinct forms of video and the way they’re utilized in advertising and marketing and what you need to create a top-notch marketing video that sells and connects. We’ll also go over your Customer Avatar exercise and the specifics of locating your niche. If you haven’t already carried out your Video Assessment Exercise and Checklist, we’ll evaluate that and extra as we hit the floor going for walks once we understand where you’re at versus where you need to move.

Lesson 2

Writing a Killer Script

Lesson 2 begins with the advertising and marketing practices that truly WORK and the first-rate methods to apply video to reinforce your ability to get extra clients. We’ll also create a way to create big fees and a list of high-quality practices whilst growing movies to get greater engagement and greater clients. We’ll make sure you recognize how to supply your scripts with the “Human Touch” earlier than you start writing your script definition. Don’t worry -you’ll be capable of using our fill-in-the-clean Script Outline templates and our fill-in-the-blank Script templates to jump-start you.

Lesson three

Production & Setup

Now that you’ve got your script, lesson three information everything you’ll need for lighting, audio, and many others. To create your expert shoot at domestic. You’ll get the Studio Equipment Report and the Studio Building Blueprint. For those of you choosing to shoot your films with our crew at the live occasion, you can still use all these tools in your future films! You’ll also learn how to compose a shot like a professional videographer so that you can do your take a look at the recording. Practice is fundamental right here, and we’ll continue refining your script as you move forward.

Lesson four

Confidence on Camera

Lesson 4 starts with getting beyond the block of being on digicam. You’ll find out how to expose self-belief and examine it from a teleprompter so it sounds natural. Hint: It’s all within the script so you’ll refine your script for optimum effect. You’ll revel in the On-Screen Avatar workout and Pre-Shoot Warm-Up Routine to find your voice and create rapport just by using how you show up. If you’ve accompanied the script templates you have to breeze through this. Remember, they’re designed to make it inevitably true so you’re ready!

Lesson five

Filming & Editing

Lights, camera, action! Use your new scripts, shoot your films, and get them ready to launch. Post-manufacturing is what KILLS most content creators. You’ll discover ways to keep time, money, power, and sanity for the duration of production with suggestions for taking pictures via yourself or with a crew. Use the Shot Log to get the excellent edited version of your footage FAST. Whether you’re modifying yourself or with an outside editor, this device will make your existence a lot simpler as you use our put-up manufacturing tactics to put the very last polish on your motion pictures.

Lesson 6

Branding & Design

In Lesson 6, you’ll find out about naming, logo design, colorings, in-video pictures, and extra – especially as they relate to your films. You can also create or replace your emblems and coloration palettes as you decide what works and what doesn’t about on-screen pix and text. Well cover capturing or shopping for “b-roll” and a way to use it plus we’ll move over the proper manner to apply a musical soundtrack to enhance the mood of your video. You can also use the Branding & Design Blueprint provided to keep time as you up-degree your appearance.

Lesson 7

That’s a Wrap

By now you’ve accomplished all of it! In Lesson 7, you’ll take the entirety you’ve created and put it together into your new video Production Playbook that you can use now and within the destiny for each video you create. We’ll make sure to review the whole thing we’ve learned and find a way to get the maximum out of your new shiny tools. We’ll revisit the primary aspect that can sabotage your films earlier than you even start and your techniques for overcoming boundaries when they unavoidably rise. Last but not longer least, we’ll wrap up with your subsequent steps!


Behold your bright and vivid bonus segment which lives right here! While those extra items aren’t an integral part of the program curriculum, they certainly can help you reap your goals more speedy and effortlessly. We wouldn’t need to encompass something that takes your time or cognizance away from the program so we made positive that these bonuses certainly help you get laser cognizance, assist you in powering up your productivity, and help you remove enterprise overwhelm. Check them out to see how they could support your fulfillment.

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