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Buy Anik Singal Facebook Ads Mastery

What You Get

#1 Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Course

Inside this route is everything Thomas found out about strolling profitable Facebook ads after investing over $ 40 million into them.

You’ll discover things like:

  • How we study our target audience& marketplace earlier than we begin operating on ads…
  • What funnels do we use that work perfectly with Facebook advertisements…
  • Proven frameworks for writing attention-grabbing advert copy…
  • How to optimize your campaigns based on information for maximum profitability…

And so much more.

#2 Same-Day Launch Plan

After the course, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to begin going for walks with profitable Facebook Ads.

But we’re making it even less difficult so one can start.

Inside this plan, we’ll give you lesson recaps, checklists, publications, and the whole thing you need to launch your Facebook ads marketing campaign – speedy.

#3 Top 10 Proven Landing Pages For Facebook Ads 

Where you take human beings when they click on your advert approach lots…

For both conversions and cost in line with click.

To help you convert more people into subscribers & consumers, we’ve prepared a group of our pinnacle 10 landing pages for Facebook ads.

Model them to create your touchdown pages that convert.

#4 $100 Million Facebook Ad Database

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

See what works for other people and model it for your purposes.

To assist you with developing commercials that paint, we’re supplying you with a collection of Facebook commercials – ours and other people’s.

Look at them. Study them. See what works now. And the model that is in your commercials.

#5 Million-Dollar Team Access

Over the years, I’ve invested over $1 million into my ads group.

Now, you can have to get entry to them.

Each month, you’ll join Thomas & his group as they walk you through the present-day adjustments in the Facebook ads area.

Thanks to those calls, you’ll recognize what the trends are & the way to benefit from them.

They’re also a possibility to post your campaigns for comments from our team of experts.

Plus, 7 Amazing FREE Bonuses:

BONUS #1 Secrets Of Scale: How To Grow From $10 To $10,000 A Day – PROFITABLY

Scaling your campaign from $10 an afternoon to $10,000 an afternoon isn’t as easy as adding extra cash to your finances.

There’s a manner to do it so your expenses don’t skyrocket, and your outcomes plummet.

In this special training, Thomas will show you how to scale effectively.

BONUS #2 90-Second Click Happy Ads

Video advertisements on Facebook are a hot trend.

And for a reason – they work.

The reason greater human beings aren’t using video ads is they believe they’re tough & pricey to create.

But they’re not!

In this special training, we’ll show you the way to create video advertisements with clean-to-use online gear.

And without even having to show your face!

BONUS #3 How To Avoid The Facebook Slap

Yes, Facebook is known to prohibit people’s advertising accounts.

Most people assume it’s without motive. And even though Facebook could make a mistake sometimes, there frequently is a good cause for an account ban.

In this manual, we’ll cover the maximum crucial things – more or much less known – you need to do (or not do) to keep away from the Facebook slap.

BONUS #four Pixel Training Hacks

Facebook Pixel may be your maximum effective weapon inside the advertising and marketing arsenal.

You’re essentially “teaching” Facebook’s set of rules what form of clients you want so they’d display your ads to the most applicable people.

To “train” it, you want to provide the pixel with enough relevant facts, so it could create a “profile” of what sort of character you’re looking for.

In this training, we’ll show you how we heat up & train the pixel to assist us in bringing clients an income.

BONUS #five $50,000 Campaign Case Study

We’re gonna pull the curtain & take you behind the curtain of one of our most profitable campaigns.

You’ll see our advertisements, touchdown pages, concentrated on – the whole thing

BONUS #6 Done For You Ads 

Check this: you don’t have to write your personal Facebook Ads!

Thanks to the trendy breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), we have equipment that could write replicas for us!

The copy is so proper there’s no way of knowing whether or not a device or someone wrote it.

In this training, we’ll show you the way to use one of the most popular AI writing tools on the net to write your Facebook advertisements in minutes.

SPECIAL BONUS $50 Million Ad Secrets 

Mike Buontempo is one of the most successful ad customers on the internet now.

Each year, he spends $50 million on commercials for his clients.

Inside this unique masterclass we recorded, he shared a few terrific secrets & techniques you won’t hear anywhere else.

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