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The Ultimate Trader Transformation – FOREX Mastery Course

Finally, A FOREX Mastery Course The Ultimate Trader Transformation Fulfills Its Promise to Teach You Everything You Need to Trade Like A Pro

Never Before Has This Kind of Trading Talent Been Assembled in

One Place to Teach You the Skill of Trading in Record Time. From Understanding Market Structure to Trading Psychology, Money Management, and Advanced Pattern Recognition, this Course is the Total Package

The Ultimate Trader Transformation Course is a ONE-STOP immersive training and schooling program.

During this magnificence will be taught:

  • Learn to speak about The Language of the Market” by way of way of in-depth notion of the WHY and HOW Markets switch.
  • Four strategy Modules Where you learn Systems You Can Trade Immediately
  • Our Proprietary Money Management System with a Custom Spreadsheet for Tracking Every Trade
  • Basic And Advanced Pattern Trading
  • LIVE Weekly Q&A Sessions Where You Can Ask Questions, Get Your Trade Plan Reviewed, and Get Clarity on the Skills You analyzing

If you are bored to death with feeling confused, pissed off, overwhelmed, and overloaded on the subject of purchasing and selling…

Sick and uninterested in dropping cash on nugatory methods and strategies promising to make

you loads of lots without even lifting a finger…

Tired of empty ensures from so-recognized “gurus” that promise you the moon but never teach you something actionable…

I right right here to inform you: There is HOPE.

You CAN take management of your buying and promoting and assemble the form of life your oldsters and friends will envy.

For a limited time, you might have the danger of working with a set of expert traders and learning the identical know-how they use to trade the markets each day.

Let us present you with the proper way to overcome your fears, beat your shopping for and promoting demons, and…

“Take the Stress Out of Trading”

It’s time to get excited…

You approximately to join one of the most critical and worthwhile dealer education programs ever created.

Designed completely for a house more often than not merchants who need to acquire the abilities utilized by professional hedge funds and proprietary merchants, our application grants the maximum entire education on technical assessment, commerce plan increase, cash management, and shopping for and promoting psychology wherever in the world.

If your reason is to end up an INDEPENDENT, constantly worthwhile dealer you simply

received’t, find out a better education software wherever.


The Ultimate Trader Transformation turned into designed to deliver merchants with studying know-how that’s unprecedented inside the business. When you enroll within the UTT will be the first businesses of traders to take advantage of our version-new, new

cutting-edge, online coaching center.

This version’s new analyzing know-how consists of each beneficial aid available to you with the click of a button. You have access to the entire assortment of UTT education materials and reside training instructions, the dwell buying and promoting rooms, the Syndicate Program and StruggleRoom broadcast, the UTT organization chat community, dwell charts, occasions calendar, economic statistics calendar, and rather extra!


With training beginning from fundamental market ideas, to superior research of technical assessment, in the Ultimate Trader Transformation, our institution of professional merchants will inform you through the proper reading direction step-by-step. We make it simpler to eradicate these high-priced gaps for your information and additionally, you expand a lifestyles-lengthy talent set which could make it less difficult to reap your purpose of changing into an unbiased, constantly worthwhile dealerÂ

When merchants are missing important gadgets of the puzzle, they normally do not discover out until it is too late. That’s we begin with the basics and construct from there, guaranteeing there aren’t no gaps in your understanding.

Establishing a Framework

Proven Techniques

Not only will you be taught a wide variety of time-examined methods that you could make use of right away, but you will also be geared up with the records and instruments required to exchange gift methods or create your very personal.

Methodical Approach

Subjectivity in buying and promoting will fail. You discover ways to eradicate that danger by creating a regulations-primarily based shopping for and selling plan constructed throughout the IF/THEN syntax. Never once more will you second guess what to do or whilst to do it.

Breaking Bad Habits

Years of dangerous experience may also be status in your method broaden you need to wipe the slate clear. We will make it less complicated to determine and eliminate dangerous behavior that might be hindering your growth.

Mental Fortitude

90% of buying and promoting is psychological, due to this fact, we devote several instances serving to prepare for the mental challenges of buying and selling. Training classes that contain neuro-associative conditioning and neurolinguistic programming provide you the higher hand in your psychological struggle with the market

Trading as a Business

We approach buying and selling training like a company franchise. We have a confirmed model of success and through the Ultimate Trader Transformation, you could get hold of the facts and units required to cope with your buying and selling like an organization and replica that fulfillment.


The Ultimate Trader Transformation consists of thirteen self-paced coaching modules that comprise over fifty-five separate middle coaching instructions. In addition to distinct coaching films, many instructions embody assisting PDF paperwork to facilitate studying and help toughen essential thoughts.

Module 1:Â Getting Set (Brokers & Tools of the Trade)

Module 2:Â Reading a Price Chart

Module 3:Â Simple Patterns & RSI

Module four:Â Trend Continuation Trading

Module 5:Â Counter-Trend Trading

Module 6:Â Understanding & Using Fibonacci Ratios

Module 7:Â The Fibonacci Inversion Strategy

Module eight:Â Trading Psychology and Trade State Management

Module Nine Combined Technical Score (CTS) Trading

Module 10:Â Advanced Pattern Recognition

Module eleven:Â Money Management

Module 12:Â Trade Plan Development

Module 13 Performance Tracking & Data Analysis

Value of Experience & Historical Perspective

The Ultimate Trader Transformation isn’t like any path we ever supplied as a result it attracts the collective knowledge of the very fine minds that TradeEmpowered has to supply. In this software, you may have a special alternative to paintings with now not the most effective one, but, an entire organization of expert traders who share an ardor for instructing and are dedicated to helping you grow to be an unbiased, constantly worthwhile supplier.


3 Months Live Trading Room

Let’s face it…shopping for and promoting will be a lonely enterprise. If you’re lucky probability is you recognise one or one-of-a-kind oldsters in this company, however, the possibility is high that you will go it by yourself.

A reside shopping for and selling room has to be the most effective place where you can see real-time market evaluation and witness reside commerce calls. When completed as it should be, a dwell shopping for and selling room ought to illustrate a mannequin of success

In shopping for and promoting, a model of achievement is better than a profitable device or method. It encompasses each side of a dealer’s life, from a day-to-day recurring that units the level for top efficiency, to rock-strong willpower and mental stamina to persevere when activities get sturdy.

Akil Stokes and Jason Graystone are grasp technicians of the overseas cash market. In the dwell buying and promoting room, you see an extensive variety of absolutely exclusive buying and promoting methods from counter-fashion to sample buying and promoting, in addition to advanced pattern buying and promoting. Your enrollment entitles you to select one of the two rooms to have access to for the subsequent three months.

The NY Live Room with Akil is open Tues-Friday from 8 a.m.-11 a.m. Eastern US Time

The UK Live Room with Graystone is open Tues-Friday from eight am-eleven a.m. Local UK Time

Each day Akil and Graystone will present you the proper way to make use of every of the sample and counter-trend techniques you learn inside the path but in real time shopping for and selling surroundings. Their screen report speaks for itself.

The DSR Indicator

We know from our exam of technical assessment that help and resistance areas are key places to search for immoderate chance trade setups.

At TradeEmpowered we evolved a proprietary assist and resistance indicator to offer production merchants a competitive benefit thereby allowing them to see help and resistance tiers from absolutely exclusive time frames on the identical chart.

With a trademark like this at your disposal, the shopping for and promoting alternatives are pretty much infinite, and also be taught several strategies inside the Ultimate Trader Transformation for purchasing and promoting those levels.

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