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Learn critical trading and make investment lessons like

How to invest alongside the hazard curve

How to fee property

How to analyze crypto initiatives

The value of tokenomics

How to use decentralized finance

How to analyze on-chain records

Full trading steerage from a seasoned

How to apply blockchain apps

Full crypto pockets guidance

How I Construct My Crypto Portfolio

Course content material is delivered through the years. The rate will cross up as more content material turns into to be had.

Here is What You Get

Full lifetime get right of entry for a flat charge

Future route content material at no greater fee

New content material and fees added over the years

A dealer with real expert experience

Private member Discord corporations

My portfolio and exchange indicators


– How to apply decentralized finance

– How to examine on-chain information

– Full buying and selling steering from a pro

– How to use blockchain apps

– Full crypto wallet steerage

– How I build my crypto portfolio


– Crypto types: shop of value

– Crypto types: smart contracts

– Crypto kinds: exchange tokens

– Crypto kinds: oracles

– Crypto kinds: payments

– Crypto kinds: stablecoins

– Crypto types: privacy cash

– Crypto sorts: meme cash

– Crypto types: wrapped tokens

– Crypto sorts: LP tokens

– Token standards defined [ERC-20] – Staking your crypto

– The blockchain trilemma

– Don’t cognizance on TPS!!

– Bitcoin: The Asset Class


– Price vs. marketplace cap

– Coin vs token

– Pre-mine vs fair release

– ICOs

– Circulating vs. general deliver

– Inflation

– Token burns

– Tokenomics research: ADA

– Tokenomics studies: BTC

– What are “good tokenomics”?

– Valuing DAPP tokens

– Valuing tokens: crucial concerns


– What is on-chain evaluation?

– How to use a blockchain explorer

– Top HODLers

– Staking charges

– Exchange flows

– Stablecoin ratios

– Funding rates

– HODL waves

– Hashrate, validators and nodes

– #1 MOST crucial on-chain information!


– Step 1: apprehend the market

– Step 2: understand the economics

– Step 3: going deep

– Step 4: keeping up to date


– Currency pairs: base vs. quote

– Currency pairs: pass pairs

– Order e-book explained

– Maker vs taker defined

– Order sorts: marketplace order

– Order kinds: restriction order

– Order types: iceberg order

– Order sorts: stops [SL/TP] – Candlestick charts defined

– Candlestick styles: hammer

– Candlestick styles: taking pictures of famous person

– Candlestick styles: bullish engulfing

– Candlestick patterns: bearish engulfing

– Chart patterns: double top

– Chart patterns: double backside

– Trends: ascending wedge

– Trends: descending wedge

– Trends: higher highs

– Trends: decrease lows

– Trends: aid and resistance

– Trends: consolidation

– EASY way to examine charts: transferring averages

– How to attract development traces

– Metrics: ATR

– Metrics: MACD

– Finding areas of fee

– Key tips for trading with candles

– Day trading method: locate the fashion

– Day buying and selling strategy: locate the fee action

– Day trading method: get your entry/go out

– Day trading method: coping with your alternate

– Trading bots: grid bot

– Tradings bots: spot/futures arbitrage


– Fungible vs. non-fungible tokens

– NFT token standards

– How NFTs work

– The price proposition of NFTs

– How NFTs drop

– NFT buying manual

– BEWARE of those NFT pitfalls


– Crypto wallet basics

– Crypto pockets addresses

– Wallet security ⚠️

– Hot wallets vs. cold wallets

– Using MetaMask


– 3 approaches to earn crypto passive earnings

– DeFi vs. Ceci

– Here’s the DeFi systems I use

– The yield curve and crypto

– How to calculate compound hobby

– The REAL fee of going back

– Getting EXTRA yields

– Lending: risks to know

– Borrowing part 1: collateral

– Borrowing Component 2: Loan To Value

– Borrowing component 3: liquidation penalty

– DeXs defined

– DeXs: Order e-book vs AMM markets

– Liquidity pools defined

– DeX live education: a way to switch & add liquidity

– Divergence loss should ruin your profits

– Divergence loss calculator & guidelines!!

– An intro to yield farming


– Growth vs. value making an investment

– Which kind of investor are you?

– Paying off debt vs. making an investment

– 60/40 is useless

– Risk vs volatility

– Becoming diverse

– Standard deviation

– Sharpe ratio

– Bitcoin & Beta


– How to make subjective calls on danger


– My low-hazard crypto kinds

– My medium-risk crypto types

– My excessive risk crypto types

– Dollar fee averaging

– Step 1: outcomes

– Step 2: asset allocation

– Step 3: sector allocation

– My portfolio

– Compounding: the KEY to building wealth!

– Why do I constantly invest in increase

– Re-balancing a portfolio


– CoinTracking

– CoinLedger

– Koinly

– Crypto.Com Tax

– CoinMarketCap


– Risk Warning *MUST WATCH*

– Intro to Derivatives

– Options Basics

– Options: Calls vs Puts

– Options Premiums

– Valuing Options Premiums

– Call Option Example

– Put Option Example

– Long Call P&L

– Short Call P&L

– Long Put P&L

– Short Put P&L

– Covered Calls

– Writing Puts

– Options Recap

– Options Strategies: Intro

– Options Strategies: Long Calls

– Options Strategies: Naked Short Call

– Options Strategies: Covered Calls

– Options Strategies: Long Puts

– Options Strategies: Naked Short Puts

– Options Strategies: Protective Puts

– Options Strategies: Bull Call Spreads

– Options Strategies: Bear Put Spreads

– Options Strategies: Long Straddle


– Leverage & Margin Risk Warning *MUST WATCH*

– Crypto Margin Accounts

– Crypto Margin Calculation

– Using Crypto Margin Accounts

– Crypto Futures: Introduction

– Futures vs. Spot Trading Screens

– What is future funding?

– USD-Margined vs Coin-Margined Futures

– How Traders Use Leverage

– The Liquidation Calculation

– Order Types: Reduce Only

– Order Types: Post Only

– You MUST Use a TP/SL

– Stop Loss: Percent Strategy

– Stop Loss: Trailing SL Strategy

– Stop Loss: Support/Resistance Strategy

– Stop Loss: Moving Average Strategy

– Stop Loss: ATR Strategy

– Position Size Calculation

– Leverage & Liquidations

– How to Scale Positions

– Changing R

– Win Rates & KEY Data

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