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Buy Mission FX Compounding course

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The Mission FX Full Program four.24 GB

– You get my begin-to-finish, basics to superior online foreign exchange buying and selling course to assist get you profitable.

Everything you need to realize from start to finish is blanketed inside the training videos, whether or not you are cutting-edge in foreign exchange, or a skilled dealer broadening your know-how.

– It is a self-paced online course –decide while you begin and while you end.

Course Curriculum

Mission FX Full Program Overview

4.24 GB

– You get my start to complete, fundamentals to advanced online foreign exchange buying and selling course to assist get you worthwhile.

– Everything you need to know from start to complete is protected inside the education videos, whether you’re ultra-modern to forex, or an experienced dealer broadening your expertise.

– It is a self-paced online path – you decide whilst you start and when you end.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

– Welcome to MissionFX (6:25)
– Focus (21:forty nine)


– An Introduction to Forex Trading (sixty seven:37)

– Basic Terminology (29:47)

– How to Use Metatrader four (MT4) (22:21)

– How to Use Tradingview (37:06)

– What lot length should you use? (6:50)

Risk Management 2.Zero

– The Reason You Will Fail If You Do Not Control Risk (38:39)

Technical Analysis

– The Reason Keeping Things Simple is the Only Way to Go (19:10)

– Market Structure (38:12)

– How to Draw Horizontal Support/Resistance Levels (32:36)

– How to Identify Trends and Draw Trendlines (forty three:27)

– Ranges (nine: thirteen)

Entering the Market

– The 3 Components You Need for Every Trade You Take (9:forty four)

– Breaks & Retests of Horizontal Levels (18:20)

– Exactly What to Look For When Price is Retesting a Horizontal/Diagonal Level (19:29)


– How Far Back Do You Scroll at the Charts to Look for Levels? (five:29)

– How Do You Manage Your Trades After You Place Them? (58:37)

– How Economic News Events Impact Your Trading (eleven:  fifty-five)

– Keeping a Journal of Your Trades (10:39)

– Taxes in Trading (nine:33)

– The Blueprint (35:forty)


–Problem-Solving (33:forty)

– Priorities and Distractions (22:52)

– Keeping a Clear Mind with Meditation (26:forty one)

You completed this system. What now?

– The Next Steps (26:51)

– 1-1 Mentorship Guidelines (10:12)

– Selecting a Broker and Starting a Demo Account (15:fifty 15:fifty-five)

– The Two Month Demo Practice Period (19:08)

– Access the MFX Discord Students Group Chat

Continuing Education Through the Demo Period

†Congrats (1:08)

– A Dynamic Way of Extending Targets and Using Breakeven Stop Losses to Increase Profitability (14:14)

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