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Divergent Trader – Rule-Based Price Action

About the course: 

No Guessing, just Rule-Based Trading!!

A discretionary machine may be tough to trade as there’s a lot of subjectivity.

So many traders fall into the entice of looking to change discretionary and usually going off gut emotions” and ”feelings.”

But that is the primary purpose why they may be failing…

They allow their feelings to get the better of them and end up self-sabotaging themselves!

Whereas if they just applied a Rule-Based and Methodical technique to the markets their whole trading could exchange in a single day

What the RBT does is assist in putting off a maximum of the feelings, guessing, and selection fatigue

That prevents such a lot of traders from consistency and as an alternative allows investors to simplify their method and attention to what simply subjects. The execution of their machine!

What you notice now in this path, is all my experience, expertise, and know-how all amassed into one concise and condensed direction.


The course is mainly correct for the ones of you who are intermediate investors who have the understanding and recognize how the sport works but simply cannot seem to position the pieces of the puzzle collectively.

If this appears like you then the rule-based total direction is for you. Why? Because…

”I offer you the actual blueprint that took ME to that subsequent degree”

I laid out all of the steps had to trade efficaciously, in a structured stepwith the aid of-step approach this is without problems.

Here are just some of the subjects blanketed in awesome detail in the direction…

– Mechanics of a Strategy

– Simplifying the Process

– Creating a Trading Plan and Structure

– Psychology/Beliefs/Emotional Control

– Risk Management

– How to Journal/Review

– Identifying Market Conditions

– Best Tools and Indicators to apply

– Strategy Development

– The Exact Blueprint to Consistency

– Handling Drawdowns

– Exiting for a Small Loss

– High Probability Techniques

– Grading Systems

– Mechanical Techniques

– Best Habits & Routines

– The Laws and Rules of Trading

Plus a lot greater…

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