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Buy Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut


Lesson 0 – What to count on from this direction

Lesson 0.1 – Expectations for this route

Lesson zero.2 – The Problems with Traditional Publishing

Lesson zero.Three – Why Amazon and Not Elsewhere

Lesson 0.Four – How an awful lot of money can certainly be made?

Lesson 1: Why Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing?

Lesson 1.1 – Why Books Beat Other Forms of Writing Income

Lesson 1.2 – The Magic of Compound Earnings

Lesson 1. Three – Why It Doesn’t Have to Take Years to Write a Book

Lesson 1.Four – The Ease of Earning

Lesson 2 – Discovering the proper ebook for you

Lesson 2.1 – What Kind of Book Should You Write

Lesson 2.2 – Amazon Categories Uncovered

Lesson 2.3 – Will People Read Your Book? (Using the Blueprint Template)

Lesson 2.4 – Will People Read Your Book Part. 2

Lesson 3: Creating a Rock Solid Outline

Lesson 3.1 – The Magic of An Outline

Lesson three.2 – four Types of Outline to Help Plan Your Book Faster

Lesson 3.Three – three Big Mistakes People Make When Outlining

Lesson three.Four – Walkthrough of the Best (Free) Tool For Outlining

Lesson 4 – Writing the e-book

Lesson Four – How to Get Your Book Done in 30 Days or Less

Lesson five: Building a Great Book Cover

Lesson 5.1 – Book Cover Basics- What NOT to do

Lesson 5.2 – Building a Cover on Any Budget (All Your Options)

Lesson 6: Master the Amazon Dashboards and Sell Your Book

Lesson 6.1 Setting Up for Success On Amazon’s Many Dashboards

Lesson 6.2 – Ready For Liftoff – How to Upload Your Book For Launch in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Lesson 6.3 – Pricing Your Book Correctly

Lesson 7: Book Descriptions a hundred and one

Lesson 7.1 – The Art of The Book Description (4 Steps to Success)

Lesson 7.2 – Using the Process to Write a Nonfiction Book Description From Scratch

Lesson 7.3 – Finding Your Perfect Fiction Description

Lesson eight: Get Discovered By Mastering the 1 True Key to Amazon Search Engine Marketing

Lesson eight.1 – Amazon search engine optimization Basics (It Is Simpler Than You Think)

Lesson eight.2 – The Easy (and Free) Way To Find Keywords That Your Book Should Rank For

Lesson nine: Rack up Reviews on Your Book

Lesson nine.1 – Are Reviews As Powerful As They Seem?

Lesson 9.2 – four Simple Tips for Getting More Reviews

Lesson 9.3 – What NOT to Do When Collecting Reviews

Final Thoughts: Using Your Book to Build a Career

Course Wrap-Up + What Next?

Bonus Module (Normally $197): Todd’s Full Outline Your Book Course

Lesson 1 – Deep Dive Into Generating Great Book Ideas

Lesson 2 – How to Decide Which Book to Write Right Now

Lesson 3 – Fleshing Out Big Ideas

Lesson four – Choose the Perfect Structure for Your Book

Lesson 5 – Organizing Your Ideas Around Your Chosen Structure

Lesson 6 – Revealing Your True Outline

Lesson 7 – How To Use An Outline Without Going Crazy

Bonus Module: Creating and Selling Your Paperback Book

Paperback Books Part 1 – The Surprising Truth Around Physical Book Sales

Paperback Books Part 2 – Live Walkthrough, Pricing Choices, and Alternatives to Amazon

Bonus Module: Put Income On Autopilot with Amazon + Facebook Ads

Lesson 1 – Why Amazon Advertisements Are So Special

Lesson 2 – Your First Ad – How to Begin Advertising With No Keyword Research

Lesson three – Keep Selling Books With Basic Ad Maintenance

Lesson 4 – A Cheap Time-Saving Tool For People Who Love to Manage Their Ads

Lesson five – Introduction to Facebook Ads for Authors

Free Templates and Blueprints

Quick Start Template: Pre-formatted report for Amazon Kindle and Print Versions

Blueprint: The Amazon Audit Dashboard

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