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Advanced Mmxm Course

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A GAME CHANGER. This collection takes students on a deep dive into the Market Maker Models (MMXM).

‘Understanding the market maker model is the key to unlocking the markets’ – ICT

When you resolve ICT concepts, you will eventually come to the belief that the entirety revolves across the market maker version. ICT once disclosed to his non-public students that his favored version became the silver bullet (2d degree of accumulation/distribution inside the marketplace maker version – taught in this series) – He additionally disclosed that the actual underpinnings of his teachings are directed toward knowledge of how marketplace maker models paintings. Like most matters related to ICT work, the key factors had been scattered in the course of hundreds of videos over a few years.

After 5 years of deep study and research delving into the market maker fashions, AK, who is a private charter student of ICT, has in the end compiled all of the essential components of the MMXMs into beautifully presented and nicely-established video lectures. These video lectures surely showcase his sizable understanding of algorithmic principles and ICT ideas.

What’s covered in these video lectures?

  • The anatomy of the MMXM
  • Personal version, entries, and threat
  • Unicorn Model
  • Silver Bullet × Dblock Model
  • How to hunt for setups
  • Understand marketplace narrative and directional bias
  • MMBM
  • MMSM
  • MMXM Grading
  • Swing Deviations
  • Types of gaps and wherein they form
  • High opportunity order block/FVG formation
  • Range calibration
  • High chance BMS
  • How to determine buy-side and sell-side transport degrees
  • Accumulation/Distribution blocks
  • Accumulation/Distribution cycle flows
  • High possibility of turtle soup entries
  • High opportunity accumulation/distribution ranges
  • Understanding consolidations
  • MMXM x AMD x Power of 3
  • MMXM x Time
  • Theory in practice – real chart mmxm breakdown
  • Change is country of transport (CISD)
  • Smart money reversal
  • SMT
  • Timeframe choice
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