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Buy DTC Scale School Facebook Instagram Ads

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Buy DTC Scale School Facebook Instagram Ads

What You Get

Module 1 – Foundations For Scale

✔︎ Brand & Competitor Analysis

✔︎ Knowing Your Customer & Your Market

✔︎ Metrics That Matter & Why

✔︎ Customer Journey & Messaging

✔︎ Facebook Pixel Strategy

Module 2 – Creatives That Convert

✔︎ Insights Into Creatives That Convert

✔︎ Fast & Furious Creatives

✔︎ Polished Creatives

Module 3 – The Pilothouse 6-Step Strategy For Maximizing Profitability From Your Campaigns

Step 1 – Find Your Top Five Angles

Step 2 – Copy + Angle Testing

Step 3 – Analyze Data and Uncover Your Winners

Step 4 – Identifying Creatives Needed

Step five – Audience Testing

Step 6 – Consolidate Winners Into Scale Campaigns

Module Four – Strategies For Scale

✔︎ Attribution & The Eco ROAS

✔︎ Bidding Types & When to Use Them

✔︎ Horizontal Scale Strategies

✔︎ Split Testing Pages & Funnels

✔︎ Split Testing Creatives & Copy

✔︎ Influencer & Whitelisting

✔︎ Budget Management & The Scaling Mindset

Module 5 – How to Build a Powerhouse Marketing Team

✔︎ When Should You Hire an Agency & What Should You Look For

✔︎ How to Hire Good Marketers

✔︎ How to Align Your Internal & External Marketing Teams

✔︎ Company Culture

Bonus Video – Navigating The Digital Landscape Post iOS15.

✔︎ What we’re doing to mitigate iOS

✔︎ Ecosystem ROAS throughout all platforms

✔︎ Attribution

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